SCAR-L vs M416 (PUBG MOBILE 2.3) Which one is better in V2.3? Comparison Guide and Weapon Changes


This is a weapon comparison between SCAR-L vs M416. It’s one of the most controversial weapons, because some people say M4 is better, while others say SCAR-L is better. But in this article we will find out which one is better for you and the new updates. Few things have changed in this Update.

Do you know that SCAR-L deals More damage than an M416?

Here’s the damage info.

SCAR-L has 2.5 percent higher damage than M4. Previously they used to have same or identical damage but it’s not the same anymore.

You may say 2.5 percent higher
Damage is very small difference but in
Some situations it could come in handy.

Like for example, when hitting a level 2 Vest you only need four shots with the SCAR-L. While the M4 requires you to hit 5 shots. So just like this, you may need to hit one less bullet with SCAR-L to Finish your opponent.

The rate of fire or firing speed comparison. Both SCAR-L and M416 has the same or Identical rate of fire since the release of the game. The firing speed remains the same for both guns. Even the reloading speed is also the same or identical. These both guns share a lot of similarities.

The bullet velocity is also Identical between these two guns. However, the SCAR-L has less damage drop off over the distance. This is something which is new for SCAR-L. So, the main difference Between SCAR-L and M4 is the recoil. Everyone knows this because M416 is way better when it comes to spring.

Here’s The recoil pattern for SCAR-L and M416.

This recoil pattern doesn’t really show a lot of difference. So, I have calculated the gap between each and every bullet in a spray and compared them both side by side and I got this results. So, the SCAR-L has around 5 percent less vertical recoil, which is somewhat noticeable over here, but this five percent higher vertical recoil can easily be controlled by pulling down the gun. However, the SCAR-L’s horizontal recoil is about 20 percent higher than M4s and this is the main reason why SCAR-L is so shaky when spraying and this horror horizontal recoil is extremely difficult to control, unlike the vertical recoil.

Moving on to the attachments


M416 has the ability to equip a tactical stock, which reduces recoil even further down. This gives M4 more handling power. So, in a final conclusion,
The difference between SCAR-L and M416 is damage and recoil.
The SCAR-L has 2.5 percent higher damage, which gives you a lot of advantages in close range, but this damage comes at the cost of higher recoil. So, in my opinion, I would say M416 is more reliable and stable when it comes to spraying at long distance targets. While the SCAR-L sprays are not reliable as M416. You might have hard time connecting your shots because of its high horizontal recoil but it does the job. So, if you want a reliable and easy to use gun then M416 is your best choice. But if you want to make your game a bit difficult then try using SCAR-L . It does everything M4 does sometimes Better than M4. But the only problem is, its recoil is somewhat challenging to control. I would recommend using SCAR-L , since you never know what’s gonna happen to M4 in upcoming updates.