PUBG Mobile 2.3 Update – New Football Mode, Lionel Messi, Events and More Changes


The PUBG MOBILE 2.3 update will release on November 17 worldwide. On November 15 and 16, it will become available in some countries. Update to version 2.3 between November 15 and November 17 to receive 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and the Glorious Evening Helmet (3 days).

Key changes

  1. New themed mode: Football Mania (in collaboration with Lionel Messi). Experience new football fun together!
  2. A series of events “Together for the same goal.” Rank up with your friends and take part in a variety of football events!
  3. Aftermath Mode is officially released! New game mechanics will give you an unforgettable experience!
  4. Weapon and Vehicle Updates: NS2000 animation improvements, Kar98K, M24 and AWM firing and accessories improvements for these rifles, and mountain bike handling improvements.
  5. Creation system premiere. Take creative photos or clips with various photo styles and share them!

Football Mania Themed Mode

The legendary soccer player Lionel Messi invites you to try out the new soccer mode!

New Themed Zone: Football Carnival

In PUBG Mobile 2.3, a grandiose Football Carnival is now being held on the territory of the mine.

  • You will see beautiful Middle Eastern architecture and get hold of supplies and themed items.
  • You can move around the carnival in a football zorb using a rail system.
  • At the end of the countdown, the prize room will open. Inside you will find first-class resources. Get them out before anyone else!
  • For a limited time, catapults will be available near the Football Carnival.
  • Respawn cards will appear in the city zone. By picking up this item, players who fell in the Football Carnival will have the opportunity to respawn and return to the battlefield.

Football items, modes of transport and games

Maps: Erangel, Livik, Noosa

  • The new tactical item “Messi’s Golden Boots” significantly speeds up the wearer. While running, they can be reactivated to perform a feint.
  • The new tactical item “Wonder Ball” can be hit at the opponent’s feet with a spinning kick. After a short delay, enemies in a certain area will be pulled to where the ball lands.
  • The new single-seat transport “Football Zorb” puts the player in a huge soccer ball controlled with a joystick. Comrades can toss the zorb into the air like a real soccer ball.
  • Football Arena (Erangel and Livik only): Football arenas will appear in some places on the map. Get to the marked place and shoot the miracle balls into the gate to open the boxes and get rewards. Two small gates are hidden near the field. Find them and shoot the Miracle Balls into them to open a crate outside the arena for secret rewards.

The following mechanics are only available on Erangel:

  • üFootball flare gun: All flare guns will be replaced with soccer flare guns. The football air cargo will be shaped like a soccer ball and can be rolled.
  • Gigaball: Huge ball-shaped hideouts will randomly appear on the map. They can be rolled, and they have a certain margin of safety. Once the balls take a certain amount of damage and their health is depleted, they will explode.
  • Football Renaissance Island: Before the game, you can try out Messi’s golden boots, miracle balls, football zorbs and Football Carnival rails before the game.

The new version will have exciting football modes. Be sure to try them out! The December Snow Festival update, coming out on the first day of winter, will add a frosty charm to some football items. We value your opinion!

Official Aftermath Mode

The official Aftermath mode is coming! Available from December 02, 2022.

  • Map Updates: The map is now based on the current version of Livik.
  • Armor Upgrades: Armor upgraded to Reinforced Body Armor with Cells. They can be placed found composite armor.
  • Weapon Upgrades: Upgrade crates now appear in Aftermath. They can be used to upgrade firearms and increase their damage.
  • New Energy Mechanic: Energy no longer decays over time! And when you take damage, energy quickly restores health.
  • Consumables Adjustments: Added new small medkits and energy drinks. Small first aid kits now quickly restore health points, which are no longer capped at 75! Energy drinks can now be drunk faster to restore energy.
  • Crates: Aftermath mode now also has crates! Look for them to get valuable supplies and upgrade items.
  • New Bunkers: 8 new heavily guarded bunkers can be found on the map. Defeat the guards to get a lot of supplies.
  • Semi Truck: Semi Trucks will spawn randomly on the map. Pick the lock to grab great supplies.
  • Medicine Cabinet: This is an interactive medical device that mounts on the wall. Use it to restore a large amount of health.
  • Outposts: There are 4 outposts on the map. Guards and crates will spawn at some outposts in every match. To get supplies, you will need to neutralize the guards.
  • Towers of Return: The location of any player using the Tower of Return will be shown to everyone. To bring back comrades, players will have to defend themselves for a certain amount of time.
  • Store Return: Knocked out comrades can be returned to the game in the store for tokens.

Map update

Noosa Map Improvements

  • Improved boxes: increased the number of places where they can appear. Now it will be easier to find the box
  • Building Improvements: Improved the brightness of the LOD buildings on Noosa. Buildings in the distance are now better visible.
  • Terrain Improvements: Fixed some distortions.
  • Minimap Improvements: Improved minimap performance in PCOB, reduced distortion.

Erangel Map Improvements

  • Supply Depot: A special room has been added to the map. A pass is required to enter. There you will find a huge amount of advanced supplies.
  • Stalber Improvements: Simplified layout in some areas to make it easier to find supplies.
  • Cable car to Stalber: Three cable car lines have been added. You can quickly move along it in the Stalber area.
  • Vehicle Radar: Added a vehicle radar to the supply store on Classic Erangel. With it, you can find free transport nearby.

Livik Map Improvements

  • Weather System: Dawn and dusk effects have been added to Livik to improve visuals.
  • Refinery Improvements: The area has been redesigned to optimize for playable combat.

Improvements to other PUBG Mobile 2.3 modes


Return and Rebirth: Adjusted the mechanics of the tower of return. Each player has 1 chance to respawn, and you can return your comrades to the battle right at the respawn tower without picking up their token.

metro royale

  • New Weapon: NS2000 Shotgun
  • There will be two new items in the shop.

Weapon and Vehicle Updates

  1. Improved aimed shooting and reloading of the NS2000.
  2. Bolt-action sniper rifles have been improved.


  • Base damage increased from 79 to 82.
  • Limb hit damage multiplier increased from 0.475 to 0.55.
  • Bullet speed increased from 760 m/s to 850 m/s.
  • The shutter speed has been increased and the burst interval has been reduced by 30%.


  • Limb hit damage multiplier increased from 0.475 to 0.55.
  • Bullet speed increased from 760 m/s to 850 m/s.
  • The shutter speed has been increased and the burst interval has been reduced by 30%.

– AWM:

  • Limb hit damage multiplier increased from 0.475 to 0.55.
  • The shutter speed has been increased and the burst interval has been reduced by 20%.

Sniper Rifle Accessory Improvements

  • Compensator (CB):
    • Adjustment: effective range increased by 10%.
    • Adjustment: Spread reduced by 10%.
  • Flame Hider (CB):
    • Adjustment: Spread reduced by 5%.
  • Cheek pad:
    • Adjustment: Spread reduced by 10%.
    • Adjustment: Aim spread reduced by 10%.

Basic functionality improvements

In-game creation system

  • A creation system has been added to the game. To use it, click on the “Gesture” icon in the game. Take creative photos or clips with various photo styles and share them.
  • The creation system integrates the shooting capabilities previously available in Fun Park and the results page.

Combat system

  • Adjusted the visual effect of enabling or disabling the display of the flight path on the minimap.
  • Elimination notifications now display the range of the shot when eliminating an enemy from afar.
  • The chat button remains available after winning to make it easier to share the results.
  • Recommended settings have been added to the Settings menu.
  • Crosshairs no longer disappear after falling. It can be used to mark items.
  • Fixed an issue where footstep sounds were not heard during melee jump attacks.
  • Adjusted footstep sounds to make it easier to separate friendly and enemy footsteps.
  • The minimap can now be opened by holding and closed by removing your finger. This option is available in Settings.
  • Added new compact markers that do not block the view. This option is available in Settings.
  • When controlling vehicles with a single joystick, the same size and location of buttons are used as for the character.

Fun Park Mode

Added Penalty Time mini-game and bouncy vehicle – football zorb.


  • Improved the return icon in the list of allies. Made the return unavailable notice more visible.
  • Adjusted the spawn height of players on various maps to make it easier to land.
  • Improved the flight route when using the super return in thematic modes. It will be easier for players in a team to regroup.

Popularity Gifts

  • New gifts of popularity: a cool sports car, a winner’s cup and a frying pan.
  • Improved display of popularity gifts on all pages. Improved algorithm and feedback for sending and receiving gifts.
  • Improved the display of the popularity gifts panel and descriptions of new gifts.
  • Improved popularity gift icons.


  • Added player gender selection to some pages.
  • Fixed bugs and improved display of the data page.

Improvements to the social interaction system

Added smart suggestions for quick voice messages: in some situations, the most frequently used messages will be pinned to the top of the list.

 Other improvements to the social interaction system

  • Added a category for generated clips to Moments (Career Outcomes).
  • Error messages during monitoring have been specified.

training ground

The function of turning on targets has been added to the training ground. Now players can shoot at targets in armor of different levels. In this case, the numbers of damage caused to one or another part of the body will be displayed.

Events “Together for one goal”

Take part in a variety of football events with your friends!


To a new rank with friends

Event period: 11/20/2022 – 12/03/2022. Team up with friends and move up the ranks together!

  • Merge Rank Protection: The first two daily Ranked Matches played with friends will not lower your rank.
  • Bonus Merge Ranking Points: Finishing in the top 30 of your first two daily matches played with friends will earn you 10 additional Ranking Points.
  • Double Challenge Points when Paired: The first two daily matches played with friends will earn double the Challenge Points.
  • Double Popularity Points per Likes when merged: The first two daily matches played with friends will earn double Popularity Points per Likes.
  • Doubled Interaction Points when Teaming Up: The first two daily matches played with friends will give you double the amount of Interaction Points.

United team

  • Team Creation Period: Players will be able to review past games with friends and create their own football team.

Event period: 11/20/2022 – 11/26/2022.

  • After the start of the event, the game will automatically match players and assign football matches. The results of the match will depend on the data on previous joint games. In matches, you can earn tokens and exchange them for rewards.

Selection period: 11/26/2022 – 12/11/2022

Statistics viewing period: 12/11/2022 — 12/18/2022

Successful Choice

Event period: 20.11.2022 – 03.12.2022

  • Before the start of the match, it will be possible to try to predict its outcome. Players who correctly guess the result will receive rewards.
  • The top 100 players in the prediction rankings will win the title.

Best wishes

Event period: 11/20/2022 – 12/18/2022

  • Players can give gifts to participating teams as a sign of support. Rewards depend on the support rating.
  • The 3 most active fans of each team will be displayed on the main rating page.
  • The rating of each team is calculated based on the overall support rating, depending on gifts.
  • During the Best Wishes event, there will be a separate themed chat in the world chat. It will also announce the schedule of matches.

lucky comrades

Event period: 11/20/2022 – 12/18/2022.

  • During the event, lucky companions will be recommended to players every week. Winning Classic Ranked Matches with a lucky buddy earns you more Rank Points.
  • The bonus from each comrade can only be used once a week.

History of interactions with friends

In the history of interactions with friends, you can see the details of the games played together for the last 6 seasons.

  • Among such data are the total time in the team, joint victories, jointly earned points, and so on.
  • Tap each category to see details and when data was collected.
  • The friends you played with most often will be displayed on a separate page.

Be sure to try out exciting football missions. On December 19, the New Year’s Fireworks event will begin. Light fireworks and get New Year’s rewards!


New Season: Cycle 3, Season 9

  • New legendary rewards: glasses, suit, parachute, M24, mask and headgear (C3S9).
  • New Target Rank Mechanic: Select your desired rank and reach it to earn rewards.

Other improvements

return system

  • A new return system has been integrated into the mission system. Invite returned players to the team and get return tokens.
  • Pop-up notifications have been added to the return system. The player who was called back to the game will receive a notification.
  • A pop-up reward coloring has been added to the return system. You can change it on the personal details page.
  • Other fixes and improvements to the return system.

Close relations

  • Added a new partner stance for 2 players.
  • Improved filling in the data for the interaction set. Added display of screenshots in personal space.
  • The “Share” function has been added to the relationship system.


To create a healthy gaming environment, the rate of reputation recovery for players who have committed several violations in a row has been reduced.

Security Improvements

  • Defining security system now better recognizes cheats such as see through walls, auto-aim, speed up, no recoil, etc.
  • Improved detection and punishment for other violations such as collusion.
  • Improved detection of unauthorized trading involving third parties.
  • Improved suppression of the dissemination of prohibited information through the world chat, in-game chat, clans, etc.


  • Fixed an issue where ally icons were not always displayed during multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where allied voice messages would not always play during multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause you to get stuck in some places on the Noosa map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the hut burning effect to not display on the Noosa map.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused vehicles to display incorrectly on the Noosa map.
  • Fixed an issue with abnormal movement speed in Metro Royale mode.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when driving in Fun Park.