PUBG Mobile 2.3 Update – New Football Mode, direct APK+OBB Download link


Update Notes PUBG Mobile 2.3

New football carnival mode

The football carnival mode  will be another addition to the ever-growing number of modes that PUBG Mobile offers every season. The map will feature a sort of football-themed monument that will include activities such as a soccer field and mini-games. Players will be able to get more loot there and score goals on the field to earn coins.



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Boots that increase your running speed

In the upcoming PUBG Mobile event, that is, in the Football Carnival mode, the player will have access to a special set of boots that can be picked up from the location of the football monument. These boots will greatly improve the player’s speed and jumping ability and make them a much harder target. It will also help the player enter the safe zone faster or avoid intense fights with little chance of winning.

Armored personnel carrier with loot in Livik

On the Livik map, we will be able to see  unusable vehicles all over the map. When approaching these vehicles, a durability indicator will be displayed. Shoot them until their  rear doors come off, revealing a large amount of loot . The loot will be enough to fully equip the player and thus is a very useful feature in the early stages of the game.

New rocket launcher

In the 2.3 update  , a new type of flare gun will be available in the store , which will be exclusive to the Football Carnival. The weapon has the appearance of a regular rocket launcher, except for the color that is green instead of red. When used, players will receive a cargo in the form of a giant soccer ball that can be kicked, moved and used as cover even after all the loot from it is extracted.

Airdrops for the squad

This feature looks pretty interesting. A set of 4 airdrops will appear on the map along with all the loot (such a place is shown in the screenshot above). This will allow you to maximize the squad immediately after landing. Therefore, such places should become a hot place.

PUBG Mobile 2.3 Update – New Football Mode



APK+ OBB FOR BOTH 32 BIT and 64 BIT Versions 





Key changes

  1. New themed mode: Football Mania (in collaboration with Lionel Messi). Experience new football fun together!
  2. A series of events “Together for the same goal.” Rank up with your friends and take part in a variety of football events!
  3. Aftermath Mode is officially released! New game mechanics will give you an unforgettable experience!
  4. Weapon and Vehicle Updates: NS2000 animation improvements, Kar98K, M24 and AWM firing and accessories improvements for these rifles, and mountain bike handling improvements.
  5. Creation system premiere. Take creative photos or clips with various photo styles and share them!