PUBG Mobile 2.3 Update Guide Football Mania New Features, Tips and Tricks


Weapon Changes


Bolt action sniper rifles got improved or buffed in this Update. Their damage has been increased by almost four Percent. Not just for Kar 98k but also for M24 and AWM. Their limb damage is also increased by about 14 , which should come in handy when Hitting those body shots. Another big change for Kar 98k and M24 is their bullet speed is increased by almost 12 percent. Now their bullets will travel 12 faster than before. Hitting the targets quicker with less bullet drops. Their firing speed is increased and also improved sniper attachments. Such as compensator, flash hider and cheek pad got better by five to ten Percent as mentioned in the patch notes. If you’re a sniper you’re going to enjoy these new weapon changes.


New Marking System

Here’s a side-by-side Comparison New Modern marking style versus old mark style.



They added a new marking system. When you mark something, it’s going to block off some of your view where you marked. In case, if there is an enemy inside this area, it’s going to be hard to spot that Player. They added new modern mark style. This new modern mark style underlines the location more precisely without Blocking your view.


You need to enable this in settings.

New Location Football Carnival


In this game mode, you will find this new location called football carnival on your map. This place is huge, it contains a lot of loot and it’s most likely going to be a hot drop, since you’ll find a lot of Football exclusive stuff here.


Messi’s Golden Shoes


By pressing it, you’ll run faster for five Seconds and  you’ll get a 5 second Cooldown but you can keep using this Again and again.



Zorb Football Vehicle

It looks like a bag pack but if you activate it, You’ll turn into a football. It’s like a vehicle And it goes up to 50 kilometers speed. You can run over enemies with this Football vehicle. If you got teammates Near you, You could ask them to kick the Ball and you’ll get boost and exit to transform back to normal.


Wonder Football

It’s like a throwable item but instead you Kick it and it will move any players in Its area. This wonder football could help To move the enemy. When a player is Hiding behind a tree or some object. You can kick the ball near the Enemy and it will move them slightly, so ,You can shoot at them easily.


Football Carnival Chests

In the football carnival you’ll find chests, Which contains really good loot with Airdrop weapons, Especially the one in this building also known as prize room. This has the biggest chest, which gives you a lot of loot with two airdrop weapons. By the way once you enter inside this Football carnival you’ll get a free Recall card . If you end up dying here you will be recalled automatically. You can also use the air conveyors (Also Known as Launcher) to leave this area via air.


Football Arena


These football arena are spread cross the map randomly. Some are marked In map, some are not marked. Here you need to score goals to open up the Chests, which will gives you really good Loot and Golden rings, Where you will try transform into a Football vehicle in roam around, It’s mostly for fun.

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