New Desert Map Coming to New State Mobile


The game developers have officially announced a new map for the Battle Royale mode, which will be released next year.


New State Mobile is celebrating its first anniversary since launch. The developers also timed the announcement of a new map for the Royal Battle mode. It should appear in the game only in the first quarter of 2023.

What will the new map be like?

New Desert Map Coming to New State Mobile

Details of what the new map will be have not yet been disclosed. Only concept art was presented, which shows that the area will be deserted with a lot of rocks. Players immediately speculated that this could be a redesigned Miramar. But more likely it will be a new map created exclusively for New State Mobile. Given the tendency of many Battle Royales to reduce match times, it could be small, like the recently released Akinta, or even less.

Details about the new map were promised to be announced later. There are currently only 3 maps in New State Mobile for Battle Royale: Erangel, Troy, and Akinta.