current affairs in hindi 2020


Here we are providing current affairs in hindi 2020 forstudents to help them to prepare for their compitetive exam like SSC, railway, bank, Civil servies, teachers, police exams etc.

1. Shaikh Rafik Mohammed, who hails from Kerala, was appointed Major General of Kyrgyzstan by Ali Mirza, Defence Minister of Kyrgyzstan at an official ceremony held in the country.

2. Sikkim has formally become India’s first fully organic state after it successfully implemented organic farming practices on around 75,000 hectares of agricultural land.

3.  Senior judge of the Supreme Court Justice Mian Saqib Nisar has been appointed as the next Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Nothing is unimportant in regards to knowing about current affairs. Recent affairs cannot be gathered overnight. They play an important part in our lives. Every present affair is essential for our lives. Existing affairs on environmental issues will help us not just to remain aware but become part of several such organizations which add to the welfare of the surroundings.

If you know which ones are the vital ones among all the recent affairs which are happening around then you can be sure you are prepared to face the exams. To start with, you will need to comprehend which current affairs are important than others because not all of these are significant. Existing affairs is a huge concept, and is frequently misunderstood with General Awareness. They help us grow and get a clearer and better perception of the life we are living in. In the current time, they do not merely serve the purpose of updating yourself but also become a major part in the entrance exams. Affairs of the company Earth, world of education etc are preferred by only a particular group of individuals.

Each question has 4 choices to pick the suitable answer. Particularly in the interviews, questions are asked related to the recent happenings with reference to the specific field you’re applying for. In addition, by staying in touch with current affairs, an individual can be certain in any social gathering and earn support.

Today, majority of career fields hire candidates who have a great understanding of the present affairs. Therefore, it is necessary that the candidates keep themselves updated about all latest news, in any field on the other side of the world, to earn a larger grip over the matter. Even candidates are chosen in interviews on the grounds of their understanding of current affairs. They can also go through sample sets available online to answer the maximum number of questions accurately in the least possible time.

You must classify current events. The present events consist of social, economic, political, and cultural in addition to entertainment events throughout the nation along with round the world. Thus, it’s very crucial to remain updated with the happenings of the planet. It’s just as important to learn current happenings of earth. It’s necessary to stay updated with recent happenings not just in India, but throughout the world. Only studying India’s latest scenario or political affairs isn’t sufficient as you’ve got to cover international events and affairs in addition to the Indian news space, together with important and current events within the field of science and sports.

There are lots of ways to acquire knowledge on the present affairs of India. Also, it’s quite important to obtain knowledge on various locations, and not just confine it to a particular area of knowledge. Deficiency of such knowledge is only going to make you seem like a fool. Possessing the appropriate knowledge will get you an advantage over other aspiring candidates. Possessing a sound understanding of the recent affairs will cause you to be a more knowledgeable and aware individual. For that reason, it’s very evident that Current affairs knowledge is extremely critical to our very being. It is possible to find them online and they can help you to understand how prepared you’re with the recent affairs knowledge of the planet and specially India.

There are lots of ways to improve your general understanding. In today’s’ time, it’s very simple to acquire general understanding. If your general knowledge is extremely low. It cannot be attained overnight. General Knowledge includes all the common facts you should know both just for your expertise and additionally for the competitive exams. General knowledge and current affairs are the sole subjects which exist universally in virtually all important competitions as an unaffiliated section.

The value of general wisdom and present affair spans beyond having the capability to shoot off answers or start conversations. Importance of general awareness Knowledge of current affairs is among the big pieces of general understanding. Realizing the significance of Current affairs is extremely essential. Therefore, the significance of current affairs India in all spheres is quite evident.

Adhere to current affairs of India, to have a clearer picture of the nation you are living in and the way that it affects you. Many nations have signed treats which ensure minimal degradation of the surroundings. The closer connection you’ve got with the Earth, the safer you will be. The recent affairs world is as crucial as Indian current affairs for you to get ready for the competitive exams. How are life depends on current affair knowledge is quite much evident. Even if you are able to live a life, it’s incomplete and very unsafe. Surviving without a sound understanding of the recent affairs is very hard in today’s’ times.


current affairs 2019 in hindi questions and ans

Q. Recently, Chamara Kapugadera has retired from every form of cricket, which country is he related to?

Ans : Sri Lanka

Q. Recently, 8 West African countries have renamed the shared currency?

Ans : Echo

Q. Recently, who has been appointed as the next Foreign Secretary of India?

Ans : Harshvardhan Shringla

Q. Who has won the Best Hindi Film Award at the National Film Awards-2019?

Ans: Andhadhun

Q. Recently, who has become the new Prime Minister of Cuba?

Ans : Manuel marrero

Q. National Farmers Day is celebrated every year?

Ans. On 23 December


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