⛑️⛑️🔴🔷 CCASTER ESP BETA 🔷🔴⛑️⛑️

🇮🇳•No Ban
🇮🇳•Use Data On/Off Trick

♥Play SAFE♥

🔆MOD Features🔆

🔴MOD Menu🔴
🔹Stylish UI which allows you to choose, enable or disable cheats whenever you want.🔹

🔴 ESP Lines🔴
🔹 Draws colored lines to your enemies, exposing them positions🔹.

🔴ESP Boxes🔴
🔹A colored box around the enemy for easy aim on long distances🔹

🔴ESP Skeleton / Wallhack🔴
🔹Draws the bone structure of the enemy in colors and makes the enemies being visible behind walls🔹

🔴ESP Name🔴
🔹 Shows the player name above the player. Detects bots and show them as so🔹

🔴ESP Health🔴
🔹 Shows the health bar of your enemy🔹

🔴 ESP Distance🔴
🔹Shows the distance between the enemy and you🔹

🔴 ESP Items🔴
🔹Shows already from far distance the name of the items and as well them level. Stop wasting your time running in empty buildings. This feature is🔹

🔴ESP Rfil🔴
🔹M16A4🔸Mk14🔸DP28🔸<G36C🔸Mk47 Mutant🔸Groza🔸M762 Beryll🔸AKM🔸M249🔸AUG🔸QBZ🔸M416🔸SCAR🔹

🔴ESP Sniper🔴

🔴ESP MachineGun🔴
🔹UMP45🔸Thompson SMG🔸Vector🔸MP5K🔸PP-19 Bizon🔸Uzi🔸Skorpion🔹

🔴ESP Shotgun🔴
🔹Sawed Off🔸DBS🔸S1897🔸S686🔸S12K🔹

🔴ESP Pistol🔴
🔹Flare Gun🔸P18C🔸P92🔸DesertEagle🔸R45🔸P1911🔸Pistol🔹

🔴ESP Ammo🔴
🔹AWM🔸12 Gauge🔸45 ACP🔸9mm🔸7.62mm🔸5.56mm🔹

🔴ESP Scope🔴
🔹x2🔸x3🔸x4🔸x6🔸x8🔸Red Dot🔸Holo Sight🔹

🔴ESP Medic🔴
🔹First Aid Kit🔸Injection🔸Pain Killer🔸Drink🔹

🔴ESP Armor & Helmet🔴
🔹Armor Lvl. 3🔸Armlor Lvl. 2🔸Armor Lvl. 1🔸Helmet Lvl. 3🔸Helmet Lvl. 2🔸Helmet Lvl. 1🔹

🔴ESP Attachment🔴

🔴ESP Vehicles🔴
🔹Shows from far distance the type of the vehicle waiting you for a ride🔹

🔴ESP Lootbox & Airdrops🔴
🔹Shows from far distance lootboxes and airdrops🔹. (SOON)

🔴Nearby Enemies Display🔴
🔹A display at your display shows the numbers of enemies near to you.🔹

🔴Know Enemies Weapon🔴
🔹Know what weapon your enemy is aiming you with🔹(SOON)

🔴No Root Required🔴
🔺Don’t needs any manipulation like unlocking of your device to work.🔺

🔺 The more features you enable, the more your devices RAM/CPU will be used.🔺
🔺Very old devices might struggle using all features🔺We reduced the resource usage as much as we can for now. We will try to reduce it even more🔺
🔺MOD has been tested with real devices (Phones & Tablets) Android 7, 8, 9 & 10🔺
🔺MOD has been tested with emulator LDPLayer Android 5.1🔺

🔴How to enable necessary permissions:🔴

🔺 Open the app info for ESP.🔺
🔺 Go to permissions, enable: Phone & Storage.🔺
🔺 Go to advanced and activate overlay/draw over other apps permission.🔺
-🔺 Overlay permission might be located and named different on each brand.🔺


• Open GG and then Open PUBGM
• On Lobby, sellect your PUBGM’s proccess
• And activated Bypass first
• After success you can activated other hacks

🛡️How to evade ban:
1st on/off data: at island or plane
2nd on/off data: first zone is 0:00
3rd on/off data: second zone is 0:00
Watch full video to understand

After this 3 times on/off data don’t do it on the other more zones

⚠️Do it everymatch
⚠️Bypass anti ban active 1 time only DON’T USE HOST


Download File Password:- espfreeccaster