⛑️⛑️???????? CCASTER ESP BETA ????????⛑️⛑️

????????•No Ban
????????•Use Data On/Off Trick

♥Play SAFE♥

????MOD Features????

????MOD Menu????
????Stylish UI which allows you to choose, enable or disable cheats whenever you want.????

???? ESP Lines????
???? Draws colored lines to your enemies, exposing them positions????.

????ESP Boxes????
????A colored box around the enemy for easy aim on long distances????

????ESP Skeleton / Wallhack????
????Draws the bone structure of the enemy in colors and makes the enemies being visible behind walls????

????ESP Name????
???? Shows the player name above the player. Detects bots and show them as so????

????ESP Health????
???? Shows the health bar of your enemy????

???? ESP Distance????
????Shows the distance between the enemy and you????

???? ESP Items????
????Shows already from far distance the name of the items and as well them level. Stop wasting your time running in empty buildings. This feature is????

????ESP Rfil????
????M16A4????Mk14????DP28????<G36C????Mk47 Mutant????Groza????M762 Beryll????AKM????M249????AUG????QBZ????M416????SCAR????

????ESP Sniper????

????ESP MachineGun????
????UMP45????Thompson SMG????Vector????MP5K????PP-19 Bizon????Uzi????Skorpion????

????ESP Shotgun????
????Sawed Off????DBS????S1897????S686????S12K????

????ESP Pistol????
????Flare Gun????P18C????P92????DesertEagle????R45????P1911????Pistol????

????ESP Ammo????
????AWM????12 Gauge????45 ACP????9mm????7.62mm????5.56mm????

????ESP Scope????
????x2????x3????x4????x6????x8????Red Dot????Holo Sight????

????ESP Medic????
????First Aid Kit????Injection????Pain Killer????Drink????

????ESP Armor & Helmet????
????Armor Lvl. 3????Armlor Lvl. 2????Armor Lvl. 1????Helmet Lvl. 3????Helmet Lvl. 2????Helmet Lvl. 1????

????ESP Attachment????

????ESP Vehicles????
????Shows from far distance the type of the vehicle waiting you for a ride????

????ESP Lootbox & Airdrops????
????Shows from far distance lootboxes and airdrops????. (SOON)

????Nearby Enemies Display????
????A display at your display shows the numbers of enemies near to you.????

????Know Enemies Weapon????
????Know what weapon your enemy is aiming you with????(SOON)

????No Root Required????
????Don’t needs any manipulation like unlocking of your device to work.????

???? The more features you enable, the more your devices RAM/CPU will be used.????
????Very old devices might struggle using all features????We reduced the resource usage as much as we can for now. We will try to reduce it even more????
????MOD has been tested with real devices (Phones & Tablets) Android 7, 8, 9 & 10????
????MOD has been tested with emulator LDPLayer Android 5.1????

????How to enable necessary permissions:????

???? Open the app info for ESP.????
???? Go to permissions, enable: Phone & Storage.????
???? Go to advanced and activate overlay/draw over other apps permission.????
-???? Overlay permission might be located and named different on each brand.????


• Open GG and then Open PUBGM
• On Lobby, sellect your PUBGM’s proccess
• And activated Bypass first
• After success you can activated other hacks

????️How to evade ban:
1st on/off data: at island or plane
2nd on/off data: first zone is 0:00
3rd on/off data: second zone is 0:00
Watch full video to understand

After this 3 times on/off data don’t do it on the other more zones

⚠️Do it everymatch
⚠️Bypass anti ban active 1 time only DON’T USE HOST


Download File Password:- espfreeccaster