Samsung Galaxy S23 vs iPhone 14:Which one is the ultimate smartphone?

The Galaxy s23 and iPhone 14 are both 7.99 phones and are similar in terms of price point and design, but the size of the iPhone s23 is compared to the iPhone 14. Both are 6.1 inch device and are slightly different in size, with the iPhone feeling a bit more uncomfortable to hold and heavier on the edges, but both are slight but can be held for longer. The Galaxy s23 is a dual-phone device that has two camera sensors, a large camera lens with the s23, and a bump on the iPhone 14. The speaker placement is identical to the other iPhone 14, with speakers on the top and bottom of the phone making them sound better, louder, and deeper. There is a little hole beside the SIM card tray for s23 users, and face ID is available over the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

The newer Gorilla Glass victus and volume rocker have the power button on the right hand side and the volume rockers on the left hand side, as well as a dedicated mute switch. Wireless charging is faster on the Galaxy S23, but it can do it at 25 watts. The Galaxy Device is a flagship phone that has been used in the last three years, but it has not been as efficient as the iPhone. It is based on a full HD Plus panel with a OLED display, and is only slightly faster than the iPhone 14. The Galaxy display can be taken any day of the week, and can range from 120 hertz refresh rate to 1750 nits.

During peak brightness, the iPhone and Samsung device can be found in different countries. Battery life is also slightly slower on the Galaxy Device, with the s23 being around 3200 milliamp hours. The Galaxy s23 is a one-day phone with a front-facing camera that has been upgraded to 12 megapixels this year, making it in line with the iPhone 14. It is notable for its better skin tones and yellow complexion, which is seen as an attractive option for Asian skin tones. The Galaxy Device has a better job with Asian skin tone than the iPhone14, and can do UHD 30 instead of HD 30.

The Galaxy s23 is a smartphone device that has an extra lens with a third lens, a 10 megapixel telephoto lens, which allows you to optically zoom up to three times if you need to get closer to a subject. It is also able to digitally Zoom up to 30 times, allowing you to get objects far far away. The iPhone and Galaxy Device have different features in terms of color science, with the iPhone being a bit warmer and more contrasty, while the Galaxy Device was a bit more on the sharper side images. In some situations, both devices were trading blows, but the iPhone had a better smooth out the image more than the other. For video, the s23 can shoot 8K, which is something the iPhone can’t do, but most tests were done at 4K.

The S23 can also shoot action mode at QHD instead of full HD, making it a great option for those who want to use action mode or steady shot. The Galaxy s23 is a great option for those who are looking for a better smartphone experience than the iPhone. It is a bit of a crispy and clean compared to the iPhone, but it is not the only option. Samsung has made improvements with some applications, but there is a lack of functionality on the Samsung phone. Additionally, banks don’t work with Samsung pay or Google Wallet, which is a major issue in Canada due to banks not making their apps optimized for both wallets.

The question remains as to which phone to buy for if one is ready to enter an ecosystem. Personally, the author would prefer the Galaxy S23 for everyone else, as it would be selfish and would have a high refresh display.

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