Fastrack Revoltt FS1 smartwatch

Fast Track has launched its Revolt Series in partnership with Flipkart introducing the Revolt FS1 Smartwatch for the Gen Z crowd the remote FS1 comes with tfs1 Bluetooth calling a one 83 inches Ultra Vu display and 2 5x Nitro fast charging capability promising to be one of the fastest charging SmartWatches in its price segment Fast Track Revolt FS1 Smartwatch price availability in India the fast track Revolt FS1 will be available for purchase at a discounted launch price of ours 1695 starting from the 22nd of March at 12 pm customers can purchase.

The Smartwatch from both Flipkart com and Fast Track’s official website Fast Track Revolt FS1 Smartwatch specifications features and more the fast track Revolt FS1 is a smartwatch that combines style and functionality it boasts a large one 83 inches Ultra Vu display which is one of the biggest displays in the market making it easier to read and navigate through various watch functions additionally it offers two 5x Nitro fast charging which is the fastest charging capability in its price segment this means that users can enjoy a full day’s use with just a few minutes of charging the Smartwatch is powered by an advanced chipset that ensures uninterrupted connectivity and lightning performance it comes with 200 plus watch face options and 110 Plus Sports modes catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its users from Fitness enthusiasts to fashion forward individuals the Revolt FS1 offers something for everyone.

The Smartwatch also offers Advanced Health monitoring features including continuous stress monitoring Auto sleep tracking and 24 asterisk 7 heart rate monitoring this means that users can keep track of their health and fitness levels conveniently and accurately the Smartwatch also provides smart notifications and EI Voice Assistant support making it easier for users to stay connected while on the go the fast track Revolt FS1 is available in four vibrant colors black blue green and teal catering to different personal Styles and preferences Ravi kapooraj CEO of smart wearables Titan Company Limited said with the introduction of Revolt FS1 which is the first in the new Revolt series and our other product launchers lined up for this year we are expanding our product portfolio which will be a treat for the fashion and Technology the Brand’s commitment to Quality is a vital part of our product development process with 450 plus tests on Fast Track Revolt FS.

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