Samsung Galaxy A54 vs A34 |Review & Comparison


If you’ve so much as glanced at Samsung’s fresh new Galaxy s23 Flagship smartphones you may notice some similarities between those and these here fresh a series sunsets those materials may be different but the Aesthetics are almost identical right down to the isolated camera lenses that poke right out of the ass the Galaxy a34 is actually the bigger of this pair with a 6.6 inch screen while the a54 is a might more compact at 6.4 inches so there’s certainly more of a handful than the regular Galaxy s23 more akin to the s23 plus and while the year 34 Sports a glastic ass with a smudge resistant matte finish the Galaxy a54 upgrades that to Gorilla Glass 5. although I’ve got to say that surface is rather shiny and my greasy fingers made a mess of it in absolutely no time at all and Sami is offering each phone in four colors so the Galaxy a54 comes in awesome graphite awesome white awesome lime and awesome Violet and the a34 essentially has the same color options except awesome white is replaced with awesome silver are they actually awesome well that’s kind of for you to decide but I quite like the limey one it’s a lot less pukey than that new yellow iPhone and the Violet one isn’t too purpley and both new Galaxy a series phones are IP67 Dustin water resistant same as last year so they should survive a Duncan too now.

Display & audio

Those displays are Super AMOLED Tech pretty much identical on both models except for the size of the buggers as usual with Samsung your movies look great thanks to the sharp contrast and Punchy colors which can always be tempered if you do prefer a more balanced visual experience they’re both full HD Plus screens and they both top off at 120 hertz so that’s an upgrade for the Galaxy a34 and same as last year’s model for the Galaxy a54 and Samsung has also upgraded these displays to make them brighter than before so they now top off at a 1 000 nits compared with 800 nits like last year and you’ve also got a bit of Samsung Vision booster action to make things more clear when you’re getting a lot of glare this basically just illuminates the edges of the screen like what you can see here the only other difference here beyond the screen size is that selfie cam cutout it’s an old-school nipple notch on the Galaxy a30 floor and it’s a floating orifice on the Galaxy a54 so slightly less intrusive and both phones come rocking a tasty bit of 240 hertz touch sampling action as well so great news for gamers and both new Galaxy a series smartphones sport a pair of stereo speakers and they’re absolute belters I could clearly hear everything that was going on even in this incredibly noisy demo room although an all headphone Jacks sadly so it is Bluetooth or dongles.

OneUI 5.1 & features

All the way as for the software side of things while no real surprises they’re just like the Galaxy S Series flagships you get Samsung’s one UI 5.1 Straight Out of the Box slab it on top of Android 13. you got all of the usual Samsung Shenanigans including loads of apps that mimic Google services and plenty of tools for keeping tabs on your system performance you’ve also got the Samsung Knox Security Suite to keep your privates private you’ve got to end display fingerprint sensor just an optical effort of course and a bit of Face Unlock action to back it up as for the storage well you’ve got a choice of 128 or 256 gigs with both the a34 and the a54 Dublin up will cost you an extra 50 pound though don’t worry if you are a bit short on cash though because expanded that storage not strictly necessary because you’ve got micro SD memory card support with both the air 34 and the a54 both support and cards up to one terabyte in size that said if you do upgrade on the year 34 you also get an extra two gigs of RAM chucked in just to sweeten the deal oh and on the connectivity side of things a few upgrade to the Galaxy a54 from the ear 34 you’ll also get e-sim support and a bit of Wi-Fi 6 Action.


You’ll find yet more differences when it comes to Performance because the a54 is powered by another Exodus chipset the fresh new Samsung exynos 1380 while the brins behind the a34 is actually the mediatek diamond City 1080 now this domensity 1080 was previously found in sconced inside of the realme 10 Pro Plus and xiaomi’s redmi note 12 Pro Plus and when I tested out realme’s blower I found that it could play even memory Hogs like Genji and impact on those higher detail settings and keep things gloriously smooth so that would be a big upgrade versus last year’s e33 which wasn’t the best performer in the world and presumably because it’s been crammed inside of the more expensive handset of the pair the exynos 1380 should provide a performance boost over the domensity 1080 and therefore also be capable of running anything out there of course she loves to stay tuned for my full in-depth review to see if both of them are indeed absolute beefcakes at this sort of price point and also what a difference the domensity versus the exynos mix on.

Battery life

The battery life you would kind of hope that the battery life will be bleeding brilliant on both as they both pack in a 5 000 milliamp hour capacity cell Samsung reckons you’ll comfortably get over two days of battery life from a single charge and I gotta say I call it shenanigans on that and that’s basically all you’re doing is occasionally staring at it and going oh that looks pretty but you should still comfortably make it to the end of a very busy day with plenty of juice left in the tank and when they do need a Topper but both the Samsung a54 and the a34 support 25 watt charging not exactly the nippiest around if they are fully drained it’ll take about an hour and a half roughly to get them powered back up to full and the bad news is you will have to provide your own power adapter again because all these phones come bundled with as a type c USB cable now last up.


The Samsung Galaxy a34 and a54 both dish up a triple lens rear camera but it is a different setup on both with the Samsung Galaxy a34 you’ve got a 48 Meg sensor with Optical image stabilization while the Galaxy a54 upgrades that to an all-new singing and dancing 50 meg sensor again with ois and this is a larger sensor than last year’s Galaxy a53 with bigger picks pixels so hopefully you’ll get improved low light performance but again I’ll have to wait till I’ve actually got it in my hands properly testing it out as my full-time smartphone to see if that really makes an impact in my brief Hands-On session both phones seem to be perfectly capable of shooting good looking picks even when battling against quite harsh spotlights and of course you’ve got a bug a load of bonus camera mods to fiddle about with including Classics like the portrait mode you’ve got a pro mode and the obligatory fun mode which is just so much gushed on fun can you tell how much fun I’m having right here I’m about to absolutely destroy my pants from all of that unbearable fun for video Shenanigans both the Galaxy a34 and a54 can capture 4K resolution footage at 30 frames per second as for the rest of the triple n setup well you’ve got an ultra wide angle shooter on both as well 8 megapixels versus 12 megapixels and on both phones that camera Hardware is dutifully finished off with a pointless 5 megapixel macro lens and last up there’s a selfie cam of course and while the Galaxy a34 mixed deal with a simple 13 Meg effort the year 54 upgrades this to a 32 Mega that’s the same resolution as last year’s e53 probably probably the same sensor too the portrait smarts on both phones seem Top Notch and you can once again record Ultra HD horror movies of your lovely face and that right there in a nutshell is Samsung’s fresh new Galaxy a34 and a54.

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