Nothing Phone 2 5G Flagship Killer

Nothing Phone 2

Nothing is expected to yank open its Tech Mac and jiggle a fresh new pair of true wireless earbuds in our general direction the nothing here too to be precise which already basically fully leaked in the usual internet based Shenanigans but what I’m personally really excited about is the sequel to its surprisingly excellent smartphone which should be launching sometime this summer The Original nothing Thorns certainly made an impression.

when it launched around eight or nine months ago this literally flashy blower stood out from the rest like RuPaul gyrated wildly in a room full of horrified nuns and while that disco ass did feel a wee bit Superfluous it certainly did its job and it made sure that YouTube Tech tits like myself spooged ourselves into a sticky coma it seems highly likely that nothing is going to stick with a flashy glyph Shenanigans of the original but web rumors do suggest that it will be upgraded to a customizable RGB effort for the nothing fun too kinda like a mega-sized version of the pulse light which was slapped on the back of the realme GT3 with different colors allocated to your favorite apps and contacts here’s a glimpse of what could be in a snazzy weed concept video from 4rmd and I’m sure you’ll agree it looks pretty enough to buff senseless so that’s the outside bits covered off but as my old mum used to say don’t worry about what those otherwise bags at school say sweetie it’s what’s inside that counts actually.

she never said that she says how the can you be 14 and already gone bold now Cole already revealed that mwc 2023 that the nothing formed 2 would be powered by a Snapdragon 8 series chipset and the most logical options seem to be the earplus Gen 1 from last year which is still a beefy bugger but not as expensive to use as the fresher 8 gen 2. well don’t worry about there being any mystery or anything about it because you don’t even need to ponder about which chipset nothing is going to use because Qualcomm board Alex katusian already fully name dropped the Snapdragon air plus gen 1 in a LinkedIn post with which was then swiftly blitzed like so many shameful late night drunken confessions on Twitter.

The fleetly delete you have to say that Alex has shifted from Coldplay’s Christmas card list to his list but anyway that beefy platform is said to be backed by 12 gigs of ram in the nothing fun too so like other earplus gen 1 smartphones out there it should merely run any game you want on Android without metaphorically shooting its metaphorical pants not that the original nothing fun struggled much with the capable 778g stuffed inside although you couldn’t quite max out those genjian graphics and it should start to show its age rather sooner and the latest web rumors also suggest a few other little changes for the nothing Fawn 2.

Instance the 6.55 inch OLED display of the original phone is said to be slightly boosted in size for the sequel with the same creamy smooth 120 hertz refresh rate yum and Colin Court are apparently boosting the battery size for the new one as well if those leaks aren’t just a soggy sack of cat turds so that 4 500 milliamp battery should be increased in size to 5 000 milliamp hours and given how energy efficient the 8 plus gen 1 is and the fact you’ve got a fairly stock Android experience running on the nothing phone you should expect all day player from that no worries I would also be surprised if they ditched the wireless charging as well because that was quite a lovely USB tab at this sort of price point and these somewhat TSD specs are also allegedly rounded off by 256 gigs of storage stereo speakers and an in-display fingerprint sensor oh and good news for any Yanks are there who might for some reason still be watching this probably in a very confused state right now because they’re nothing fun to will apparently be crossing the Atlantic unlike the original so you two could be mesmerized by a bit of disco-ass action and as always your uncle spirit will have his eye on that interwebs that look and for any more testy leaks and rumors about the nothing fun too and hopefully have a bit of Hands-On action for you as soon as that bad boy emerges.

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